The Beginning

At the beginning of everything, God the Father created a beautiful creature to be his right arm... the first child, the cherub — so perfect that it had twelve wings, named Lucifer, which means, he who bears the Light.
His goodness seems to be endless... so much that he offered toCreator come to earth to guide the humans in his name and glory. But in time, humanity has to test for pure pleasure.
Owned by pride, declared a war to usurp theThrone of God, seeing his chance when Jesus became flesh... only that it was in vain, for Christ's crucifixion totally defeated by his death and resurrection. This fact had left him weak, and without his great power as before, made it easier for the Archangel Mikael and his army of Elohim, put an end to the rebellion.
The enemy was tried for high treason and became known as Satan, the adversary. There was more room for him in heaven, then, was expelled along with 1 / 3 of the angels to an empty place, where, overcome by rage, he tore his good looks and became a big monster, red, seven heads, seven crowns and ten horns. The hatred that emanated from his body spread all over that plan, burning and disfiguring all that fell.
With distorted vision, Satan came to God through confronting humanity, prompting the distressing and human error, hoping to defeat the faith of believers in the Lord.
But undoubtedly, your days are numbered...

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