Chapter 1

Angelu Secretum

Spain, March 1, 2009.

In a region surrounded by woods, dark and deserted, there was an abandoned factory in a state of disrepair, with broken windows and dusty, with the ceiling tiles and share with others not, that's not counting the oxidation of the metal structure that is the idea that might collapse at any moment. The property is surrounded by high walls and has an old wooden gate, which is nailed to a steel plate with the following written: "forbidden", but this does not prevent the six men to enter the site. They camouflage their identities with ninjas caps and black clothing. All carry 9 mm pistols at the waist, two, to take in hand, a machine gun.
The elements probe the factory.
Inside, there are several rusty appliances industries. The ground floor is grimy deteriorating, while the walls due to infiltration, are moldy. The only ambient light is soft light from the sun.
The six elements are heading towards a dull navy blue van, where there is a seventh man lounging idly by, watching them. He is white, has black hair, smooth and short, unshaven, and has weird eyes, because your iris is completely black. His attire is a pair of pants, shirt, shoes and especially, all in black.
Nobody speaks to him.
One of the guys opens the back door of the van, while two others move up the rear, with raised voices, shouting with the rest of the group, speeding. They are carrying a weight — a great travel bag that is carefully placed inside the vehicle.
The six elements are found inside the van, already the seventh man, is now leaning against the wall and stands idly by. He lowers his head, closes his eyes and smiling mouth corner... perfidious.
The vehicle is started and leaves the factory, following a narrow passage of land, and then into an alley. Arriving on a paved road, the driver steps on the accelerator.
Minutes pass, and the roof of the van, we were surprised with the appearance of the seventh man, with a mischievous expression, binds squatting. The wind blows in your particular that in the blink of an eye, turns into a pair of black wings, showing us it is a fallen *.
Madrid, National Archaeological Museum.
At the entrance there is a huge movement of people, however, highlight a small group of youthful and five students, three girls and two boys. The features are: a brown, one brown, one redhead, one blonde and one black African beauty, ISES. She shows concern, since it stops checking the time on your wristwatch.
In front of the museum, there are several parked cars, including, apparently empty, opaque navy blue van.
On top of the building, where the Spanish flag pole, you see yourself standing in the wall, a beautiful angel. He is young, white, has hair all blond and straight shoulder-length, blue-violet eyes and unshaven. His wings, that are folded, are white with tone on tone light gray. The being is barefoot and wearing a dark gray pants.
On the roof of the van appears fallen standing. He spreads his wings and sees the angel angry, making explicit the spiritual conflict.
Meanwhile, young people are in a very lively conversation, except Ises, who gets tired of waiting for something or someone and sits on the second rung of the ladder, down a sphinx... the left side. The girl opens her backpack, and a thick book between the cover and a black agenda, she takes a notebook and pen kit. Mindedly, she begins to make notes.
But the fallen alters their expression and treacherous crack a smile. In doing so, the self disappears.
Inside, the angel feels a negative force, and face tense, played in the air and spreads its wings has a wingspan of 4 meters. But this culminating moment, the van explodes and destroys a large part of the right side of the museum. The thunderous noise echoing through several blocks.
However, the backpack Ises, falls to the ground, the thick book of black cape, revealing to be in the Holy Bible, which oddly opens in Revelation — not the wind dares to move this page.
Lapland, Finland, March 3, 2009.
On a cloudy sky and with a bit of fog, you hear the sound of the propellers of a helicopter, showing off in seconds, belong to the army.
The aircraft will land in a field of green grass, which, for the most part, is overwhelmed by snow. And before the engine went off, the helicopter's door is open — so we go down and lean against the snow, a pair of black boots waterproof winter. Gradually, we sighted person, which is in thermal pants, jacket lined with goose feather and gloves, all being black. Finally, we have the face of a beautiful woman of 37 years, white skin, fine features of nose, lips pink and green eyes in a voice clear, almost transparent as crystal clear waters of a green part of the ocean. Her hair, which is under a white wool cap is smooth and brown copper, a little below the shoulders.
Next to this woman, two men arrive and high physical side. They too are dressed warm clothes.
— Lady Parker, the tractor is already outlined — one man says seriously, putting a radio on the waist.
— Then go. I can not waste any more time — says the woman who walks with stately posture.
Stop ahead, there is a black Mercedes saloon that has chains on the wheels, so to avoid skidding of tires on ice. Already seeing the driver approaching Lady Parker, opens the back door so that it enters. The car leaves.
The two men followed in another vehicle.
Twenty minutes pass, the Mercedes and another car parked next to a beautiful, small chapel, all built in red brick, gray roof and three pairs of windows have tinted windows. Nearby, there is a frozen lake and lots of trees.
After the driver open the door for Lady Parker out, she, with a serious look, walks on the snow at a steady pace, going back to the chapel, where he saw the tractor and about twenty men, some being very well armed.
Lady Parker without addressing the word to anyone else, is approaching a beautiful carved in white marble statue of three meters, which has delicate form of what appears to be a woman, but it is an angel. The sculpture is standing and has garment like a toga. His hands are united by a touch of palms, serving for reclining his pious face, since the shape of the hair is wavy and is semi stuck. Finally, the large wings are closed.
Under the monument there is a marble plinth, only gray. It measures 1 meter 30 cm by 50 cm wide, and it has a bronze plaque with the name in Latin: "Angelu Secretum, or translating," Secret Angel ", followed by the phrase also in Latin," Prudens in loquendo est tardus. "which means," Good to know is the silence, until it is time to talk. "
With his right hand, Lady Parker touches gently on the pedestal as if it were an inestimable relic. This act makes explicit in his face a discreet smile — a semblance of personality doubtful, surrounded by a look of mystery that binds a thought... desire.
Then the lady frowned, start taking steps backward, and without delay, gives the order: — Destroy it.
One man who is closer to the Lady, she communicates by radio with the guy at the tractor, which the league. The huge machine follows and hits the statue, toppling it. Following the same with the pedestal.
Several workers with mallets in hand, starting the destruction, but it is inside the pedestal there is a guarded secret.
The prying eyes of workers, there is a silver urn 1m tall by 30 cm wide occur.
The workers move away to Lady Parker comes close. She crouches before the ballot box and unlock the two cracks, while listening to the clicking of locks. Subtly, the lid rises, which to our astonishment, is a human-like skeleton, only disassembled. Then the lady opens the coffin, and stand up, turns to the men and says: — Carry it.
After the order, the mysterious woman returns to the Mercedes with its imposing stance.
London, England, April 14, 2009.
On Exhibition Road, Kensington, in front of the Museum of Natural History, a major event happens — people protest because they can not enter the building because they are blocked by a barricade of security guards faced evil and heavily armed. But it is not all there is a conglomeration of religious extremists who scream: — IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD! IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD! (It's the end of the world!). They hold placards and banners quoting passages from the Bible, being more specific, the book of Revelation. We may also see people kneeling and praying for you other than pray aloud.
In the sky, a police helicopter is patrolling the area and the roof of the museum if they see several snipers with their sights toward the crowd.
News crews from around the world and record everything in the camp site.
Amid the holocaust, it is observed to fall from the hands of an ordinary person, a newspaper, where the first page there's an interview with Lady Parker with the headline: "They are with us or not," and even before the wind could carry the paper, tires, a black Audi RS6 Sedan, four door, go over the matter.
The cars move around slowly, about 30 km/h for the different people who hysterical, trying to prevent the passage of the Audi. However, the security guards at work trying to contain the population with rubber bullet shots, only one protester bolder, throws himself in front of the hood, and this, take with truncheons.
The car at the main entrance to the museum. The driver opens the back door and see who come out with an impassive expression, is Lady Parker. She wears a black skirt to the knee social, social lilac silk blouse and black heels fine. On his right wrist, a large silver bracelet. Escorting her, the guards make their way against people on the staircase and the mysterious woman rises at a rapid pace.
From inside the museum, runs forensic anthropologist, Dr. ANGELICA WILLIAMS THOMPSON, 40, white, blond hair and smooth arrested in horse-tail and blue eyes seas. She wears slacks, blouse silk and social-heeled sandals, all in black. And it's also a white coat, which has stuck to her chest, an identification badge.
Lady Angelica Parker and embrace each other like old friends, however, barely cracking a smile. The two step into the museum to escape the harassment of the public and the media.
Afraid, Lady Parker asks: — Angelica, and the skeleton?
Anthropologist with disbelief in his eyes, answered: — When you told me, I thought I was going crazy... but I have to admit, he has wings.

*Fallen: Term used to define angels that were expelled of sky.

To be Continued...

All the reserved rights Ludmila Dias and Rafael Bento. or

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